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How To Tune Your Guitar First Time

How To Tune Your Guitar First Time

Have you just bought your first acoustic guitar and do not know how to tune it? We are here to help you and you can tune it in a few steps. Guitar Tuning is a very simple task but you need to do it carefully to avoid unwanted string breaks. There are a total six strings closely fitted in the acoustic and electric guitar. You need to count it from bottom to top. The name of strings are following:

6. E String (Low) – Upper Side Key

5. A String – Upper Side Key

4. D String – Upper Side Key

3. G String – Lower Side Key

2. B String – Lower Side Key

1. E String (High) – Lower Side Key 

How Strings Are Fitted in Guitar?

You will see 3 strings are tightened lower side and another 3 strings are tightened upper side. 


All 6 Guitar Strings can be tuned using a physical guitar tuner (available in market) or using a mobile app such as Guitar Tuna, Pro Guitar Tuner, Ultimate Guitar Tuner, Guitar Tuner Pro, Chromatic Guitar Tuner Free and several others available. Make sure to use a free app not premium initially.  Now Tune Your Guitar with us. 

Upper Keys – Pick the first key from your side. Start moving it CLOCKWISE. Make sure to move slowly and hit the same string using pick at hole side. Now you will listen to the string sound changing simultaneously. You need to set Mobile App Tuner on Manual Mode and select the string you want to tune. After 8-10 rounds, you will see the frequency is coming around the center. Once it is tuned, the app will beep a sound. On the other hand, a physical tuner will show you GREEN LIGHT. 

Lower Keys – Pick the first key from the opposite side. Start moving it ANTI-CLOCK WISE. Use the same method, you have used in tuning Upper Keys. 

This is how you can easily tune your guitar and play it. It is preferred to use Physical Tuner instead of Mobile App Tuner because they are not too costly and easily available on guitar shops. 

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