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Top Trolley Speakers under 15K

Top Trolley Speakers under 15K

Trolley Speakers are generally used in Karaoke Singing, Musical Events, Conferences, Parties, and outdoor activities. There are various brands available in India. Persang Karaoke, Takara, JBL, Turbo Sound, MX, Croma, Intex, and Zebronics have good quality multimedia portable trolley speakers under 15 thousand budget. There are benefits of buying trolley speakers. You can play it with mobile, TV, and dynamic mic and DVD players. Also, with the help of wheels and an in-built battery, you can travel anywhere and play. 

Features of Trolley Speakers:

  1. You can connect mobile or any Bluetooth device with the speaker. 
  2. You can sing and record your audio via USB or SD Card Slot. 
  3. Connect with multiple instruments such as Guitar, Octapad, Banjo, Keyboard or Violin. 
  4. You can play 2 Wireless mic and 1 wired mic simultaneously. 
  5. Use an in-built battery and play it anywhere. 
  6. Tone Control: Use tone control such as echo, gain, treble, middle, bass volume. 
  7. Folder play using Pendrive. Use a media player to play tracks. 
  8. Play FM Radio. 
  9. Line output: Connect your speaker with the sound system at your home. 
  10. It is very easy to travel with speakers and handles. 

Best Bluetooth Trolley Speakers under 15000

  1. Takara T-7112 and T-7115 Model
  2. Takara T-6112 Model
  3. Takara T-4112 Model
  4. Persang Karaoke DZIRE BT
  5. Persang Karaoke ASPIRE BT
  6. Persang Karaoke OCTANE 9
  7. Persang Karaoke BH 1215 
  8. Hayden HY 1215 – 15 Inch Speaker
  9. Artis BT 908
  10. Artis BT 912
  11. Artis BT 915
  12. Artis BT 918

You can view our catalog and see the best available trolley speakers. If you have any queries or doubts, you can contact product consultant and speak on your favorite trolley speaker. You can send your queries on or WhatsApp on 9074419099 or 8357957235. 

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