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Musical Instrument Supplier for Schools – is PAN India musical instrument supplier for Schools. We provide all type of digital and classical musical instruments and equipment’s at affordable rates to schools. We have a big collection of products and fulfil school requirements at affordable cost. Our product manager helps schools to select a right instrument and equipment.  We provide fresh products and latest models which provide appropriate sound quality. A school needs reliable music instruments which provide long life and good sound quality all time. Our dedicated team is able to generate a quotation in few working hours and provide a detailed information of desired instruments.

We Setup A Music Room For New Schools

Are you going to open a new school? A new school has no experience and rely on newly hired music teachers to setup their music room. help schools to design and setup music room with good quality of instruments like Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Drum, Congo, Flutes, Violins, Synthesizer, Octapad and Sound System. Our product manager provides a detailed explanation of each product and setup best collection of musical instruments under the budget. Let’s connect today and talk to our product manager if you want to setup a music room in your school.  Send your inquiry and request quotation: click here

Our Premium Services and Relationship With School

A school need dedicated service and support throughout a year to run music class, programs and annual function. We provide full time support and offer servicing and repairing services to school. After executing the order, we do not forget school and believe in long-term relationship with schools. We help music teacher and students at school to safely handle instruments for better services. Some of key services are following:

  1. We deliver instrument at school locations in all over India.
  2. Servicing, Repairing of Musical Instrument under a mutual contract.
  3. Fulfill additional instrumental or accessories requirements on demand.
  4. Setup and configure music rooms.
  5. Provide music teachers to schools.
  6. Provide musical educational books.

How We Process School Orders

We have a unique business model for schools and easily execute order. We deliver musical instruments in given timeline to school location. We closely work with School Principal, Director or Purchase Manager to understand the requirements and suggest right products. Here are few steps that allow school representatives to understand our process:

  1. We receive requirements list through email and our website.
  2. Our product specialist discusses requirements with school and provide suggestions on product brands, cost and configuration.
  3. We quickly generate quotation with number of options.
  4. Our quotation includes technical details and warranty of products.
  5. After accepting the order, we collect instrument and conduct the quality and sound test.
  6. We do packaging and deliver instrument to school location.

List of Musical Instruments for Schools

A school needs lots of musical instruments to fulfil their music room and band needs. We provide classical and digital musical instruments, a good sound system that will handle school programs and annual festivals. Here is a list of instruments, we can provide to schools and music colleges:

Digital Instrument and Equipment’s

  1. Keyboard & Synthesizer (Casio, Yamaha, Roland)
  2. Grand Piano (Casio, Yamaha, Roland)
  3. Digital drum (Roland, Yamaha, Alesis)
  4. Acoustic drum (Pearl, Mapex, Tama, Havana, Kaps, Jinboa)
  5. Baby Drum
  6. Electronic Octapad (Roland, Yamaha, RockStar, Octave)
  7. Musical Amplifiers (Marshall, BlackStar, Line6, Laney, KustomSound, Stranger)
  8. Electric & Electro Acoustic Guitars (Fender, Cort, Epiphone, Kaps, Rocks, Pluto, Granada, Havana, Ashton, Yamaha, Crusader, Trinity, Krafter, JIMM, Kepma)
  9. Baby Guitars
  10. Electronic Tanpura (Radel, Swaragini)
  11. Violins
  12. Saxophone
  13. Guitar Processors
  14. Volume Pedals

Classical Instruments

  1. Dholak
  2. Tabla
  3. Flute
  4. Harmonium
  5. Veena
  6. Bongo
  7. Djembe
  8. Darbuka
  9. Trumpet
  10. Markus, Khanjiri, Bigul and other Accessories

Sound System & Mixers

  1. PA System
  2. Mic
  3. Mixers
  4. Amplifier

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