Kustom Sound Cube 20 Amplifier

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  • Kustom Sound Cube 20 Amplispeaker in 20 Watt
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  • 4 Input channel

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Cube 20 Kustom Sound Amplifier

The Cube 20 or C20 model from Kustom Sound company is a highly reliable amplifier in 20 watts segment. Cube 20 has great features in a small cube. Kustom Sound C20 is known for crisp and translucent sound quality with Guitar and Keyboards.  If you are a musician who uses a high-end processor and relies on all the colour and effects on his processor. In addition, the inbuilt three-band equalizers make it a perfect practice amp for seasoned guitarist, keyboardist, and any other musician.

Kustom Sound Cube 20 Guitar Amp Specifications:

  • Get  20 Watts RMS power output.
  • It has a long 8-inch speaker.
  • You will get total of 4 input channels for Keyboard, Guitar, Mic, and CD.
  • There is no effects available with this model. You need to buy C20X Model to get effects.
  • Output Line Out, Pre Out, Headphones
  • Tone Control Global : Bass, Mid , Treble
  • Size (mm): 290 x 300 x 185


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