Kustom Sound FX30 Guitar Amplifier

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  • Kustom Sound FX30 Amplispeaker in 15 Watt
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  • 2 Input channel
  • DSP Reverb

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FX30 Kustom Sound Guitar Amplifier

The Kustom Sound FX30 is unique in 30 Watt category. This guitar amplifier has mainly 2 channels called clean and overdrive. Most noteworthy it has DSP Reverb for great control. This model provides distorted tones and superior sound quality when you connect it with Guitar on stage.

Kustom Sound 30FX Specifications:

  • It has 2 Channels mainly clean and leads.
  • You can use the equalizer for 3-way tones.
  • Get a versatile onboard distortion facility.
  • Also, it has super clear DSP reverb effect.
  • You will get Line output, Mic and Aux inputs in this amplispeaker.
  • Solid-body manufacturing.

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